How to use Wazao

Wazao has an impression that is difficult to handle, but there is no significant difference from other kind of rods. However, we will introduce handlings that are unique to wazao.

How to assemble

- Assemble from the tip.
When assembling rods, assemble from its part. Assembling from the fragile part will prevent unwanted accidents.

- Place the leaf buds on alternating sides
The rods have small bumps of leaf buds. Assemble in such a manner that each parts has these buds facing the other side just like how it is in the nature -which brings out the true strength of the material.

How to disassemble

- Disassemble from the grip.
Contrary to the order it was assembled, disassemble from the grip side. Also, be careful not to leave the mechanic on the rod when putting it in a bag.

- Keep the rod straight when pulling out.
There are times it is difficult to pull out the rod when the mouth is tight. At such occasion, hold close to the mouth and pull out straight. Twisting the rod could damage the rod.

How to use

- Pay attention to the position of the leaf buds
When assembling, each leaf buds on the bamboo should be facing opposite sides. When fishing, make sure those buds will be facing horizontaly to the water surface.

- Make sure the rod is assembled tightly。
The rods may come loose as you fish. Make sure you check time to time that it is connected tight.

- Beware of the water
There is no need to worry too much as the surface is finished with lacquer but water could still enter from the jointed parts, Avoid soaking the whole rod into the water. In case it did, make sure you dry it well.

Anything other than the above is the same as how you handle other rods.
Keep the basic rules: avoid humidity and high temeprature and don't put too much force on it. \