How to maintain Wazao

It is another pleasure to keep the rod maintained.
Clean it after use and make the rod last longer.

Cleaning on site
- After using, clean dirt and dry it with a cloth. When wiping the rod, be sure to wipe it from the grip towards the tip. This it to avoid the cloth get stuck on the buds,

Cleaning at home
When you get back home, dry it in the shades for 2-3 days. The rod might be bent after fishing a big fish but dyring it will straighten it back to form. (In case it doesnt go to its original form, our craftsmen will forge it again. Please feel free to contact us)

Use vegetable oil or oils for rods and follow the steps below to oil joints.
1. Lightly oil the part of the side to be inserted.
2. Joint them together
3. Remove the rod as turn and distribute the repeat until oil is distributed thoroughly.
*Frequency of oiling
Oil it once or twice during the season and it should be enough. Applying too much oil will not only make therodd heavy but will be hard for the craftsmen to forge it again.

Regular maintenance by craftsmen recommended.
Other than above, we recommend regular maintenance by craftsmen.
By forging and applying lacquer, it will look like a brand new rod again. If you share us a photo of your rod, we will be able to tell if it's time for craftsmen' maintenance so please feel free to contact us.