About Japanese rod. Summary of its functionality and charm.

What is wazao?
Wazao is a Japanese bamboo rod handcrafted with bamboo, urushi (Japanese lacquer) and silk. I.

In a country where fishing has rooted deeply in its culture, fishing rods as evolved in unique ways to suit various fields and targets. There is no fixed definition for wazao but WAZAO-IPPON defines it as those bamboo rods that have been handcrafted with care by craftsmen and have passed strict quality controls. The techniques of making wazao flourished in Edo era (17th century to mid 19th century) becmoing a part of the common culture and has been passed on until today.

Types of wazao" =
There are various kind of wazao to suit different fields and targets; from fine rods for an inch-small tanago to big fish such as Piral Coo. Choose one best fitted to your style of fishing. There are products not shown on website and we accept custom orders too. Feel free to make any kind of inquiry.

The most notable features
-the exelecnce in its fishing touch.
Toughness and flexibility is a touch unique to plant-derived rods. Many saoshis claim that bamboo rods have the best touch. Such touch is made by the fibers that runs in th rods vertically, and its resistance to be back in its original position. It is a feature very distinct in naturally-grown bamboos. Once you have fished with wazao, it may be very hard to go back to other rods.

Common misunderstandings
Do you think bamboo rods are weak and poor in sensitivity?

This is a common misunderstanding.
It might be not as tough as rods mad of glassy carbon and carbon rods and not suitable for those looking for an unbreakable rod.
Our wazao, however, that is carefully made by hand by Japanese craftman, it does not break so easiliy. We first select the best bamboos using our expertise, and then heat and forge them exactly like swords. Bamboos that undergoes this rough process becomes even tougher and more flexible.

Life span of wazao
Wazao can be used for a life time.
In Japan, even tools break for once, it is very common to repair it and use it again. Wazao is no exception -it could break for nce but it can be easily fixed. It's not only for one generation but possible to be passed on to the next generations, coexisiting with time.

Rareness of wazao,
made from one and only material.

Bamboos taken from bamboo forests, each piece differ from one another. Using these uniqe pieces, our craftsman assemble a rod all by their hands. There is no doubt that your rod will be truly original, and there will possibly no identical ones in the world.

Charms of wazao
There is this moment you are only able to feel when you submerge yourself in nature and hold wazao. It is what we call "WAZAO-TIME".
All parts of wazao are made from segments of nature and each have various characters in itself. It is extremely important to understand each one of the parts in order to assemble into one wazao. Trying to understand the nature of bamboo and finishing it to a piece with which we can be in harmony with the natural environment -this process of making wazao is similar to the joy we find in fishing where we feel the surge of the nature in our hand but yet try to be in peace with it. Using wazao will mean you are engaged in the essense of fishing from the manufacturing process of wazao, and that is indeed its charm.