About Japanese rod. Summary of its functionality and charm.

What is a "Japanese rod"?
Bamboo rod unique to Japan made of bamboo, lacquer and silk made by craftsmen.

In Japan, where the world's leading fish culture is rooted, it refers to a bamboo pole that has undergone its own evolution to meet all fields and targets. Although there is no clear definition, WAZAO-IPPON collectively refers to some fishing rods that have undergone a manufacturing process by craftsmen and strict quality control among bamboo rods. It blossomed as a culture of the common people in the Edo period, and the technique has been handed down to the present day.

Type of "Japanese rod" =
A variety of developments that differ for each field and target.
We have a rich lineup of Japanese rods for each target, from rods aiming for tanago of about 3 cm to large fish such as pirarucu. In addition to the fish species, there are rods that match the fishing method and your favorite condition, so you can find the best one for your own fishing.
* Inventory check and custom-made fishing rods that are not on the product list are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

The biggest feature =
The one and only fishing taste. It is the good stickiness and rebound of plant materials.
There are many anglers who say that "the best fishing taste is the bamboo pole". It is the good elongation of the fibers running vertically in the plant and the well-balanced repulsive force when the rod returns to its original position. There is a difference from other materials that only bamboo grown in a natural environment has. Once you take a prey with a Japanese rod, you can't go back to another rod.

The biggest misunderstanding =
Is the strength weak and the sensitivity poor?

This is a misunderstanding.
Certainly, you may lose strength to glass and carbon rods. It is not suitable for those who say "a rod that can't be broken anyway".However, this rod, which is handmade by Japanese craftsmen, never breaks easily.
The secret is the connoisseur's ability to see one of the best materials from the many bamboos, and the fact that the bamboo is forged by burning it like a swordsmith. The rod that has been heated until just before carbonization gains hardness and suppleness.

Life of Japanese rod =
A Japanese rod is a lifelong product.
Since ancient times in Japan, it has been natural to repair really good tools and use them for a long time. So is the Japanese pole. Even if it breaks, it can be easily repaired. Therefore, it will be a lifelong tool that you can continue to use not only for your own generation but also for the next generation. There is no such strong rod in the long run.

Rarity of Japanese rod =
All handmade, even one material in the world.

Each bamboo that enters the bamboo grove and is collected one by one has a different personality. Craftsmen combine them for each part to make one fishing rod. Not to mention that the whole process is handmade, there are not even two materials on the earth. One rod in the perfect world.

The charm of only Japanese poles =
It is the existence of "WAZA O-TIME" that you visit when you stand on the scene with a Japanese rod in your hand.
All Japanese rods are made of a part of nature. That's why
To handle a Japanese rod, you have to face the individuality of each rod. Feel the nature of the bamboo and interact with the fishing rod so that it is in harmony with your own rhythm. It is one of the essential joys of fishing that anglers love and never stop, and it is the magical power that uplifts the "heart of fishing". Please understand the characteristics of nature, face nature, and experience the charm of one animal that you will meet in the future.