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Rod Shunsaku 13ft Spatula Rod

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Rod Shunsaku 13ft Spatula Rod

Characterized by the body condition, the entire rod looks like a whip. An item that emphasizes stickiness and makes you feel the joy of fishing.
The so-called Kanto rod, which uses cloth bag bamboo as the material and is connected to the inro, for the rod of Kishu, which is the main production area of the spatula rod. It is a specification that can only be made in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture.
It can be used for fish species other than spatula by dropping it in a pond or lake and waiting.


  • Length: 3960 mm (13.1 shaku)
  • Number of joints: 4
  • Closed size (mm): 1130mm * Including stopper
  • Weight (g): 145g Does not include stopper
  • Replacement tip:-
  • Replacement grip:-
  • How to join: Inro joint
  • Bamboo material
    • Tip: Nunobukuro bamboo + glass
    • Tip No. 2: Nunobukuro bamboo
    • Tip No. 3 ~: Nunobukuro bamboo
    • Hand: Nunobukuro bamboo
    • Grip: Nunobukuro bamboo
  • Roll: Mouth roll
  • Lillian / Faucet: Lillian
  • Lacquer: Transparent
  • Condition: 64
  • Recommended line:-
  • Cap / Case:-

Product number: HER-002