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Charactrized by its whip-kind flexibility which enables you to fully enjoy the essense of fishing. Whereas herazao usually comes from Kishu (West area of Japan), it is made of hoteichiku (fishpole bamboo) and assembled in a style called inro which is a typical style in Kanto (East area of Japan), only made in Kawaguchi City. Since it is a herasao, its grip is small and is short in size but poosible to use for tenkara fishing as well.


  • Length: 3250 mm (10.7 shaku)
  • Number of joints: 4
  • Closed size (mm): 980mm * Including stopper
  • Weight (g): 122g Does not include stopper
  • Replacement tip:-
  • Replacement grip:-
  • How to join: Parallel
  • Bamboo material
    • Tip: Matake shaving
    • Tip No. 2: Bamboo Takano
    • Tip No. 3 ~: Yatake
    • Hand: Yatake
    • Grip: Cotton grip
  • Roll: Mouth roll
  • Lillian / Faucet: Faucet
  • Lacquer: Roiro
  • Condition: 73
  • Recommended line:-
  • Cap / Case:-

Product number: HER-003