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SAOSHOSAKU 12.9ft Mainstream Tenkara

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SAOSHOSAKU 12.9ft Mainstream Tenkara

This is a first-class craftwork with practicality. With deicate work on the tip and segmenatation, it enabled portability with a size of less than 60cm when disassembled. It uses bamboos that have joints in identical positions and parting each section equally which is called "Futafushi-Zoroi (Two identical joints)". The joints are finished with scarlet-gold foils which adds a luxrious touch too it. While being both portable and artistic, it also ensures toughness with allows us to enjoy finishing in the main stream. and it can respond to the pleasure of love with the tool.


  • Length: 3900 mm (13 shaku)
  • Number of joints: 8
  • Closed size (mm): 600mm * Including stopper
  • Weight (g): 184g Does not include stopper
  • Replacement tip:-
  • Replacement grip:-
  • How to join: Parallel
  • Bamboo material
    • Tip: Nunobukuro bamboo
    • Tip No. 2: Yatake
    • Tip No. 3 ~: Yatake
    • Hand: Henon
    • grip:-
  • Roll: Mouth roll
  • Lillian / Faucet: Faucet
  • Lacquer: Vermilion gold leaf
  • Condition: 73
  • Recommended line: taper
  • Cap / Case:-

Product number: HON-001